Scarves, which are the most important part of hijab clothing style, are produced with the highest quality materials in accordance with the latest trends at Thoqart. The scarves prepared by blending all kinds of fabrics with different patterns and colors reveal the quality of Thoqart.

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Shawls are one of the accessories that can be used easily in every dress and every season, and we combine the quality of Thoqart’s with unique designs. Thoqart shawls are the most important complement of the combinations with their different fabric and pattern designs.

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The foulards that complete the women's outfit are carefully produced in Thoqart. Foulards, which comes to the forefront with their unique designs and quality fabrics, bear the signature of Thoqart with their special designs for each season.

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Offering decisive designs for men's fashion, Thoqart adds a difference to men's clothing thanks to its high quality and stylish handkerchief models.

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