Tokat and Anatolian lands, which hosted a history that attracted the attention of everyone, are a colorful geography with different cultures! You will feel the artistic details of these cultures in every part of our brand. Sometimes a hand print motif, sometimes as an accessory in details…


We use the best natural ingredients with traditional and innovative processes. This ensures that hand-drawn designs turn into accessories in the best possible way. We want our accessories to be valuable and last a lifetime.


Inspired by artistic patterns, bold colors and the unique beauty of the natural world, Thoqart designers turn imagination into creativity with pure sensations. All of our designs are implemented with care by hand drawing. We offer you different stories in each accessory in our collections. These stories are waiting for you to be discovered along with the gracefulness.


We attach great importance to the world around us, environmental problems and social concerns of our time. Our production processes offer a more sustainable production cycle that requires less energy and water. As we develop, we strive to implement concrete actions in order to have a positive impact not only as a company but also as people.

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