Our Story

What makes our products special is the production technique and the story behind it;

For centuries, the Anatolian people embroidered their culture, art and aesthetic feelings on fabrics with unique motifs.

“Kerchief” prepared with durable wood molds and hand-crafted printing technique; it has combined different traditions and has become one of the cultural heritage of today.

These kerchiefs sometimes wrapped around the head of the lovers, sometimes bundled and sent away, turns into quilts and decorate houses, sometimes become handkerchief that wiped tears.

Moreover, these kerchiefs not only with their patterns, but also with their colors, told a lot and fulfilled their duty as a kind of silent message tool. The young man who sends a yellow handkerchief to his lover is in love with her. The green color is desire, waiting for a response in love. Blue is hope. White symbolize happiness, black symbolize mourning. Red is nobility, purple is wealth.

These unique cultural assets inspire the designs and creations of our products.

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